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TiE Young Entrepreneurs Program


The aim of the TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) Program is to empower our youth to become the next generation of entrepreneurs. TYE is a unique program that helps high school students learn about the challenges and rewards of becoming an entrepreneurs.

The program is held in 23 cities around the world and is global in design. Seasoned entrepreneurs and mentors coach high school students (grades 9-12) based on a business-focused curriculum. The program comes to a close with global Business Plan Competition for the youth. The TYE program nurtures the creativity, self-confidence, leadership and overall development of the students.


Empower our youth to become entrepreneurs by engaging them through quality educational programs that include instruction and mentoring designed to:

  • Develop business acumen and communication skills
  • Discover the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship
  • Nurture youth to have a well-rounded personality
  • Instill confidence to lead in a global environment
The Program:
  • Increase and instill in confidence to lead in a global environment by working with established leaders – effectively bridging the gap between corporate Canada and our high school education system.
  • Share the challenges and rewards of becoming an entrepreneur and develop a better understanding of business.
  • Understanding that student’s creative skills are just as important as their cognitive skills and learn the skills necessary to develop creative ideas into reality.
  • Knowing that their creative skills can help them find their passion, which will lead to a life of engaging work.
  • Develop business acumen, communication and leadership skills among youth
  • Create a network of like-minded young leaders that can share their experience moving forward in their lives.A comprehensive curriculum, which consists of Eight weeks of classroom instruction followed by workshops and a business plan competition

TiE Young Entrepreneurs Vancouver: Our Story:

Details on the 2013/2014 TYE Program:

  • The program runs every Saturday, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, starting October 26th 2013 through May 2014. Students are expected to attend each session. Students will be required to participate in the local Venture Challenge in June 2014 and the winning group will get a chance to compete in the TYE Global Business Plan Competition in late June 2014, which are to be hosted by Vancouver chapter next year.
  • We will be considering students in grade 11 and 12 as of August 2013 for the 2013/2014 program.
  • There is an initial fee of $250 for the TYE Vancouver program. Note that $200 of the initial fee component is refundable if students successfully complete the program and miss no more than two sessions. The effective fee for students who complete the program is therefore a nominal fee of $50. No student will be excluded on the basis of financial need.
  • A light breakfast snack, refreshments and lunch will be provided for students during each session.
Our Students

Our class of 2012/2013 represents a diverse group of young people who bring their creative talent and energy to each session. We have an age range from 14-17 with most participants being in Grades 11 and 12.

Grade % of Students
9 6%
10 16%
11 23%
12 55%
Location % of Students
Maple Ridge 3%
Richmond 52%
Surrey 3%
Vancouver 26%


 Course Curriculum and Schedule:
October 12th, 2013 “TiE Young Entrepreneurs Launch Event - What is Entrepreneurship?” (Panel Discussion)

Keynote Speaker: Peter Chung, Founder & CEO of Eminata Group
Entrepreneur Panel Discussion:
- Hamed Shahbazi, CEO of TIO Networks
- Diane Delves, President & CEO of Quantum Properties
- Punit Dhillon, CEO of Oncosec Medical


October 26th, 2013  Fundamentals of Marketing

- Bimal Parmar, VP of Marketing at Celayix

Guest Speaker: 
- Diane Delves, President & CEO of Quantum Properties


November 2nd, 2013 Branding


- Sharad Khare, Digital Producer / Communications Specialist at Khare Communications
- Brady Dahmer, CEO at Brady Dahmer Designs

Guest Speaker:
- Spencer Thompson, CEO at Sokanu
November 9th, 2013

Fundamentals of Finance & Business Models

- Rahul Gandhi, CFO at FanFair Systems
- Karen Chong CA

Guest Speaker:
- Zoe Pawlak, Artist at Zoe Pawlak Fine Art

November 16th, 2013 Fundamentals of Business Law

- Ally Bharmal, Lawyer at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

Guest Speaker:
- Amaan Gangji, Associate at Lawson Lundell LLP


November 23rd, 2013 Revenues and Sales:

- Luke Aulin, Founder at RTOWN
- Andrew Morton, VP, Broadband TV at Entone

Guest Speaker:
- Richard Loat, Found at Footy for Food/Five Hole for Food/
November 30th, 2013 Market Validation:

- Pavel Bains, CEO and Co-Founder at Storypanda

Guest Speaker:
- Alex Mazarolle, Founder at Girlvana Yoga
December 7th, 2013 Writting a business plan:

- Rohan Raheja, Senior Accountant at KPMG

Guest Speaker:
- Jo-Ann Horsting, Owner at Hi-Cube Storage Products Ltd.
December 14th, 2013 Leadership, Team Building and Presentation Skills:

- Nargis Nirumvala, CEO at ExecutiveSpeak Coaching International

Guest Speaker:
- Ryan Wilson, CEO at Medeo
January 11th, 2014 TiE Young Entrepreneurs: Idea Incubator  - Class # 1                  
January 25th, 2014 TiE Young Entrepreneurs: Idea Incubator - Class # 2

Guest Speaker:
- Emad Yacub                               
February 8th, 2014 TiE Young Entrepreneurs: Idea Incubator - Class # 3

Guest Speaker:
February 22nd, 2014   TiE Young Entrepreneurs: Idea Incubator - Class # 4     

Guest Speaker:
March 8th, 2014 TiE Young Entrepreneurs: Idea Incubator - Class # 5     

Guest Speaker:
March 22nd, 2014 TiE Young Entrepreneurs: Idea Incubator - Class # 6                        
Guest Speaker:
April 5th, 2014 TiE Young Entrepreneurs: Idea Incubator - Class # 7     

Guest Speaker:
April 19th, 2014 TiE Young Entrepreneurs: Idea Incubator - Mock Presenations            
May 3rd, 2014 TiE Young Entrepreneurs: Idea Incubator - Mock Presentations      
May 10th, 2014 TiE Young Entrepreneurs Venture Challenge               

Program Components:

Business Accelerator (October – December 2013)

The Business Accelerator begins with the TYE launch event and a dynamic Entrepreneurs Discussion Panel. Students will be inspired by the personal stories and contrasting experiences of some of Vancouver’s most accomplished entrepreneurs. Following the Entrepreneur’s Panel, the Business Accelerator kicks into high gear with a weekly session covering one of several business topics. To view the full schedule of classes and topics click here. Each class will be broken into three parts: Instruction, Workshop and a Guest Speaker. The exciting line-up of instructors and speakers will ensure students in TYE get an unparalleled educational experience.

Idea Incubator (January – May 2014)

The Idea Incubator phase turns to focus on student solutions to real world problems. Students join groups of four or five to brainstorm, discuss and agree on a business concept. Students are encouraged to discover market opportunities that resonate with them, ideas they are personally passionate about! Once a concept is adopted, the team is matched with a lead mentor from the business community and an expert mentor from TiE Vancouver’s Charter Membership. During this phase, teams will meet both during Idea Incubator sessions and outside of class as required. Teams will be encouraged to determine what expertise they could use and TYE mentors may act as liaisons to help assemble a board of advisors for the project. Through the backing, guidance and advice of their mentors, teams will develop a viable business plan for their concepts.

Venture Challenge (May 10th 2013)

On May 2014, the TYE Vancouver teams will compete in the Venture Challenge at SFU Woodwards Campus in Downtown Vancouver. The teams will present their business ideas to an esteemed panel of Venture Capitalists, Bankers and Business Leaders. All students who participate in the Venture Challenge will receive a TYE Program Certificate of Completion. The team that wins the Vancouver Venture Challenge, as determined by the judging panel, will be representing TYE Vancouver Program at the TYE Global Business Plan Competiton 2014 being held in Vancouver Downtown for the first time!

TYE Global Business Plan Competition (June 2014)

The TYE Global Business Plan Competition 2014 will be hosted by TiE Vancouver. 700 students from 23 cities from around the world will compete for a chance to participate in the global competition. Our TYE Vancouver winners will get a chance to network with like-minded youth from around the world and showcase their skills on a global stage. This will be a unique, once in a lifetime learning experience for those involved.

TyE-Vancouver Organizing Committee:

Omar Visram
Armaan Malhotra

Student Testimonials:

TYE not only prepares me for the global environment I must confront one day, but it also helps me furnish my business acumen, leadership, creativity and communication skills. Over the course of several weeks, I met bright, creative and like-minded future entrepreneurs across the Vancouver region. Nevertheless, I did not only learn about business from the energetic, top tier entrepreneurs in Vancouver, but I also learnt how to put my knowledge into practical uses. I strongly recommend the TYE program. - Jeff Wu

I joined TYE expecting a preview of post-secondary scale Business concepts. After only 3 weeks into it, I can already say that the impact it’s had on my thinking is immeasurable. The exposure offered at TYE through the diverse presenters has opened up an entirely new world to me. Seeing real people discussing their lives inspires in an astonishing way. It’s putting many areas of my life into perspective. - Karnpreet Sanghera

I have always been interested in finance and one day working at a financial institution; however I never really looked beyond that or ever thought of other possibilities like entrepreneurship and how this career could make my career in finance even more successful. With graduation around the corner, I want to take advantage of programs such as Tie Young Entrepreneurs Program that offer more than just textbook assignments and tests but rather real, awe-inspiring success stories of entrepreneurs who have been through the ups and downs of their industry and can educate us with information that will actually be significant and crucial for success. Being an entrepreneur was never my intention because I didn’t think I could come up with anything that’s innovative and brilliant. However, through TiE and the inspiring entrepreneurs we have had opportunity to meet, I’ve learned that that’s not necessarily the only definition of an entrepreneur. You can be an entrepreneur by improving on an existing idea by making it more efficient, convenient or cheaper for consumers. More importantly, entrepreneurship is about confidence in yourself and your persistence in making your ideas and thoughts a reality. And if your ideas don’t pan out, move on because you will learn more from your failures than your successes. - Parween Mander

Waking up at 6:30am every Saturday has been completely worth it because all the knowledge I've gained from the expertise of the speakers is priceless and I can't think of something else I'd rather be doing. I have met teenagers who are so accomplished and driven and it feels like we're building on each other's energy and pushing ourselves to do more and to do better. - Hillary Cheng


Q. What happens if we miss a class/meeting?
A. We do suggest that you attend every class/meeting, but if you absolutely cannot make it, another student can fill you in on the missed material. 

Q. How much time is expected of us outside of weekly meetings?
A. In the early part of the program, you only need to understand each concept after weekly meetings. But when you are grouped and paired with a mentor, it will be up to you to meet and develop a cohesive business model with your group. 

Q. What is the cost of TYE?
A. There is a nominal fee of $50 that will be required once applicants have been notified of selection into the program. This fee includes a one-year TiE Vancouver Youth membership. Through completion of the program, students will be recognized as TYE Alumni. 

Q. Where can parents ask questions?
A. Any questions can be sent to our Organizing Committee at the email admin@vancouver.tie.org. Information about TiE and the TYE program can also be found at our website www.tyevancouver.com

Q. Will this program count towards my school results?
A. No it will not be linked to school, however it certainly fosters business knowledge that you may be studying in school. Also, distinction and or participation in the TYE program and/or world business plan competition will be notable on a CV. 

Q. Will we be assessed on our business plans and how?
A. Yes you will be. After your mentor has worked with you and a business plan is drafted, there will be a Vancouver contest. A panel of judges will choose the best model that will then move on to the global competition in Atlanta, GA. Specific judging criteria will be discussed in class.

Q. Will this assist with/be applicable to my university application?
A. The 2012-2013 TYE program is the first of such in Vancouver, however it is a worldwide program that has some prestige. This program can certainly strengthen an application. Reference letters can also be written for students to include in applications. 

Q. Who will be supervising each meeting?
One of four representatives of the TYE Vancouver Organizing Committee will supervise as well as the assigned business expert who will lecture each week. 

Q. Where will each session be located?
A. Each class will be held between 9 am to 1 pm every saturday at KPMG Downtown Vancouver.